🎥 Watch Huobi Talk on Youtube to learn and earn. Ontology Network is this week’s guest. Last week’s 🍬 airdrop was worth $ 25.

Huobi.pro is a digital asset exchange based in Singapore, where you can trade over 100 different cryptocurrencies. Huobi.pro is ranked in the top 3 of daily trading volume of cryptocurrency exchanges. Huobi has a weekly show called Huobi Talk.

Huobi Talk is a weekly show broadcasted on Youtube. It’s streamed live from the Huobi recording studio. Every Thursday at 12.00pm GMT +8 the show will be hosted by a Huobi representative and features a project that is already listed on Huobi or would like to be listed. Projects like the NEM Foundation (XEM), Ruff Chain (RUFF) , LinkEye (LET) and Litex (LXT) were guests on previous episodes of the show. Huobi Talk showcases projects with in-depth information and interactivity with Huobi.pro traders. This week Ontology will be the show’s main focus.

Ontology Network was officially launched in November 2017 in New York City, the city that never sleeps (just like people involved in cryptocurrencies 😉). Ontology is a high performance open-source blockchain that’s designed to connect with other blockchains without giving conflicts.

The parent company of Ontology is Onchain. Onchain is a company that designs and develops blockchain solutions for businesses. Onchain is also the parent company of NEO and is based in China.

Ontology has a lot of fans and a large community. A lot of the tokens came onto the market through an airdrop. If you had signed up for the Ontology newsletter and passed KYC you received 1000 ONT (now worth roughly $ 9,610). They also had airdrops through launching competitions on exchanges. Huobi.pro gave away 2 million ONT to users who entered the Ontology trading competition.

Learn more about Ontology by watching Huobi Talk. Ask your questions in the Youtube chat box.

This week’s episode of Huobi Talk
Episode 30, 10th of May 2018 12.00pm GMT +8, will be dedicated to the Ontology project.
Li Jun, founder of Ontology, is present in the studio and will be talking about their project’s goal to build a trustless ecosystem. Viewers can sent in their questions in the chat box before and during the live broadcast. The host will try to ask these questions to Ontology’s founder. This way Huobi platform users can interact with the projects they can trade on Huobi Pro and HADAX.

This week over $ 30,000 USD worth of ONT will be available as a prizepool for viewers of Huobi Talk

✅ 🍬 How to participate in the Airdrop? 🍬
📝 Sign up for an account at Huobi.pro. If you haven’t already, you can use my referral link.
🔔 Be ready on time to view the episode of Huobi Talk
🖋 Post a message in the Youtube Live Chat and add the following sentence:
Huobi UID12345678 @ VOTE ON HADAX (insert your own UID you can find it in your account on huobi.pro)

Past airdrops 🎁 to viewers
Every week you can participate in the airdrop. Tokens that are not given out in that week’s airdrop will partake in the next airdrop in the following episode.

The airdrop consists of 3 tiers and is based on the peak number of viewers during the broadcast.
- Tier 1 between 1500–2500 live viewers
- Tier 2 between 2501–3500 live viewers
- Tier 3 more than 3500 live viewers

Episode 29 with the CEO and founder of Ruff Chain had a total of 2,695 viewers at one time.

That means Tier 2 had been reached. The total amount of viewers that were eligible for the airdrop were a total of 6,719 viewers with a qualified Huobi User ID.

Viewers that qualified received (converted to current Coinmarketcap prices):
35 RUFF ~ $ 4.33
71.6 LET ~ $ 4.15
111.5 LXT ~ $ 2.18
1.7 XEM ~ $ 0.65
1 HT ~ $ 2.68
66 GTC ~ $ 10.97

A total of $ 24.96 is airdropped to viewers just to watch a show on Youtube and learn about a cryptocurrency project.

➡️ I find the Huobi Talk episodes very informative. Last episode I’ve learned about Ruff Chain and posted a recap on my Twitter.

➡️ Make sure to subscribe to Huobi Pro talk on Youtube and click the notification button to get notified when a new video is online. I’m setting my ⏰, because the episodes are very early in my timezone, but it has always been worth it to wake up early for Huobi Talk
➡️ Link to the Huobi Talk LIVE stream http://bit.ly/2IfuGLV
➡️ Huobi Talk every Thursday 12:00 PM GMT +8 (Singapore time), 04:00 AM UTC, 06:00 AM Western Europe Time
➡️ Winners will be announces on medium.com in the following week after the Huobi Talk episode.

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