🏆 Top 5 Reasons why Venture Capitalists want to join Huobi HADAX Super Voting Nodes.

Huobi Group, based in Singapore, is the world’s leading Blockchain asset service provider. Subsidiaries of Huobi Group include Digital Asset Exchanges Huobi Pro and Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX), Huobi Research, Huobi Labs and Huobi Mining Pool. The total transaction volume of Huobi Group surpassed the 850 Billion USD at the end of 2017.

If you don’t have a trading account yet on HADAX or Huobi Pro, and you’d like to trade there, you can register for a new trading account on HADAX or Huobi Pro. Only one account is needed to trade on both platforms.

✅ In April of this year autonomous digital asset exchange HADAX announced its Super Voting Nodes Program. A Super Voting Node is a professional investment firm with a high-end reputation that deposits an amount of 500,000 Huobi Tokens (HT) as collateral to help HADAX with new project listings by offering an extensive review and recommending their favorite Digital Asset projects.

Initially HADAX selected 15 Investment funds to become ‘’Super Voting Nodes”. In the future interested venture capitalist first can self-nominate their intent to join the program. According to the website there are currently 48 Huobi HADAX Super Voting Nodes.

✅These are the top 5 reasons why VC’s joined the program to become HADAX Super Voting Nodes:
➡️ Super Voting Nodes analyze projects and get to make the first selection on which projects will be included in the HADAX voting process.
➡️ Projects that want to be added to the HADAX voting system need to get in contact with the Voting Nodes to inform them about their project and persuade them on why they should vote for them to get added to the HADAX voting system.
➡️ In the event that all the Super Voting Nodes vote for a particular project, this project will go directly the Huobi Pro review board to see if the project can pass the Huobi Pro audit process. HADAX can also do a Super Voting Node Special Session from time-to-time to get the project listed, if all the Voting Nodes agree.
➡️ Huobi Capital and Huobi Research organize special workshops and other events for the HADAX Super Nodes. Super Nodes also get the chance to participate in the weekly live broadcasts of Huobi Talk.
➡️ HADAX Super Nodes can participate in special conferences and meetup. Huobi initiates special privileges to the Voting Nodes, just recently they reserved a special booth for the Voting Nodes during their conference Blockchain Festival in Vietnam. During the event Super Nodes were also introduced onto the stage to interact with the audience.

✅ Initially Huobi’s first group of Super Voting Nodes included Bitmain, Block VC and DFund. Later other VC’s like Consensus Capital, Crypto Vision Capital, Kenetic, FBG Capital, Hashed Capital, BlockVC and Draper Dragon Innovation Fund joined the program.

Two of the HADAX Super Voting Node VC’s highlighted:

#HASHED is an investment fund that mainly focuses on Blockchain projects. It’s an incubator and community builder with offices in Seoul, South-Korea and San Francisco, the United States. It’s the largest crypto investment fund in South-Korea.

The team consists of Blockchain evangelists, blockchain investors, entrepreneurs and software engineers. Simon Seojoon Kim is the CEO and organizes regular community meetups called #HASHED lounge where Blockchain projects can attend and interact with the community. These events are often sold out in advance.

They have an accelerating portfolio and an investment portfolio. The accelerated portfolio contains projects like Terra Coin, Icon, Sentinel Protocol, Pluto and Contents

➡️ BlockVC
‘’To bring Blockchain into mainstream’’, that’s the mission of BlockVC, one of the leading blockchain investment and advisory firms. They exclusively focus on Blockchain projects, tokens and ventures.

BlockVC has a well-educated, experienced team. Kevin Hsu, the Founder, has an MSc in Computer Statistics and Machine Learning from UCL, while their CIO, Chong Wang, has a PhD from Hong Kong University in Financial Engineering. Evelyn Zang the companies CMO has a Literature and Law Degree from Ivy League Peking University .

Their investment strategy is focused on three themes: the public blockchains, application protocols and financial services.

A selection of projects they added to their investment portfolio are: Quarkchain, Gifto, Odyssey, NKN, IOTEX and Vechain.

You can follow BlockVC on Twitter: https://twitter.com/blockvcfund

✅ Do you work at a VC company or you are an institutional investor and want to know more about how apply for a HADAX Super Voting Node you can find more information when you click on the links below:

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