🚀 The launch of the EOS mainnet is eminent, hassle free token swap on Huobi Pro + Airdrop of Huobi Tokens 🍬

Eos has announced its mainnet launch on the 2nd of June 2018. The EOS token is traded on all the major digital asset exchanges. Some will not support the token swap (Liqui), while others will (Huobi Pro, Binance, Kucoin, Bibox). For example Huobi Pro will claim EOS tokens on your behalf and swap them directly in your EOS exchange wallet on Huobi.

Keeping EOS tokens in your unregistered Block.one or Ethereum ERC-20 wallet will make them useless as they will not be able to be swapped after the launch of the EOS mainnet.

✅ Blockchain conference Consensus 2017 was the official start of the EOS project. CTO Dan Larimer held a presentation about the project he and the team had been working on for the last nine months: EOS. EOS is a blockchain operating system and infrastructure for decentralized applications. They aim to solve some of the problems Ethereum is facing in terms of scalability and transaction fees. EOS has 4 pillars: scalability, flexibility, usability and governance.

The EOS ICO had a unique feature, the ICO was running for one whole year, raising a total of more than 5,000,000 ETH the current equivalent of around 3,000,000,000 USD. The initial ICO token price of 1 EOS was 0.99 $. Today the price is around 12.50 $, so that’s already a Return on Investment (ROI) of 12 x in USD for those early investors.

The EOS all-star team consists of CTO Dan Larimer (creator of BitShares and Steemit) and the company Block.one, which is registered in the Cayman Islands. It’s main focus is on business-grades technology solutions. Block.one Founder and CEO Brandan Blumer is leading the development.

Huobi Pro is one of the digital asset exchanges that announced it will support the launch of the new EOS mainnet token by providing a hassle-free token swap for its users. Huobi Pro users holding EOS tokens do not have to do anything but keep the tokens in the Huobi Pro EOS wallet on the exchange.

Huobi Pro will airdrop a total of 10,000 Huobi Tokens (HT) to EOS token holders, that deposited their EOS tokens on Huobi Pro for the tokens swap.

Information on the airdrop in Huobi Tokens, by depositing EOS into your Huobi Pro exchange wallet:
▶️ Deposit EOS tokens into your Huobi Pro account between the 30th of May 12:00 GMT +8 (Singapore Time) and the 31st of May 18:00 GMT +8 (SGT).
▶️ The airdrop pool contains 10,000 HT and will be equally split between Huobi Pro users proportionally to the amount of EOS tokens you’ve deposited. Taking into account the total amount of EOS deposited — total EOS withdrawal during the airdrop competition.
▶️ Approximately five days after the event the Huobi Tokens will be deposited in qualifying user accounts.

Why should you deposit your EOS tokens on Huobi Pro? Three reasons:
🔓Huobi Pro will execute the token swap automatically, no need for any additional actions by Huobi Pro users
📈 Trading continues during the conversion period
🍬 Receive an airdrop of Huobi Tokens. Share 10,000 HT with other Huobi users

Huobi Pro will take a snapshot of the EOS tokens in the Huobi Pro user accounts on the 31st of May 2018 at 18.00 GMT+8.

✅ Why should you swap tokens?
EOS tokens were originally issued as ERC-20 tokens. ERC-20 tokens are utilized on the Ethereum platform. After the EOS mainnet launch the project will use its own blockchain tokens. EOS ERC-20 Tokens stored in a Block.one wallet or other Ethereum ERC-20 wallet (except for some exchange wallets) will be freezed and rendered unusable in the future.

One of the advantages of depositing your EOS tokens on Huobi Pro is that you can continue to trade EOS on Huobi Pro during the completion of the token swap. Maybe the token swap will take some time to be fully executed. That way you can still trade EOS if you would like and the tokens aren’t stuck in a wallet without the option to move the tokens.

The EOS platform and the EOS mainnet tokens swap to the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, that will allow for Delegates to sign and record transactions on the EOS Blockchain. These delegates are called Block Producers. There will be 21 Block Producers on the EOS chain. If one Block Producer’s work isn’t up to par a spare Block Producer will step up to fill in the blank (there will be 100 spare Block Producers).

Huobi Pro hosts a weekly show on YouTube called Huobi Talk. It’s streamed live in the Huobi recording studio in Singapore every Thursday. Each week a project is highlighted. This week Huobi talk is featuring the EOS project. Before and during the show viewers can ask questions in the YouTube chat box.

The topic of discussion is the EOS mainnet launch. Viewers receive more information on the EOS mainnet launch and token swap on Huobi Pro. There will be interviews with Huobi Pool and with the EOS Block Producers.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, ⏰ Thursday the 31th of May 2018 12.00pm GMT+8 (Singapore Time).

🎥 Link to the live stream on YouTube, episode 32 of Huobi Talk: https://www.youtube.com/huobipro/live

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