HADAX now fully integrated into Digital Asset Exchange Huobi as Huobi NEXT

Some of you might have already noticed, but Huobi has made some drastic changes to its digital asset exchange HADAX. As of the 19th of September HADAX has been integrated into digital asset exchange Huobi Global and had a name-change to Huobi Next. The move from HADAX to Huobi Global makes it much easier for users to navigate through the platform on Huobi Global. An upgrade from Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) to Huobi Next will also reflect its upgraded status. It is called NEXT because the tokens that are listed on the exchange have been chosen in dialogue with Huobi users and stakeholders. The concept behind the merger is to provide users with more choices in the way they want to trade and the assets they want to trade.

Differences between Huobi Global and Huobi NEXT

There are still however some differences between Huobi Global and Huobi NEXT. The differences are expressed by the method of selecting projects and the types of projects listed.

➡️ Potential Huobi NEXT listings are pre-approved by the Huobi team and its stakeholders or large professional investors. Once everyone is on board the project will be reviewed by the community and they have the final say in which project will get listed on Huobi NEXT.

For the listing on Huobi Global a more thorough listing procedure is used and the final listing decision is made internally. The community has no say in what get’s listed and what doesn’t. To review projects for potential listing, Huobi uses its own proprietary system called the SMARTChain evolution method. This method is specifically made to fade out scam-projects and projects of low quality.

➡️ Huobi Global aims to list the more established tokens and has a pretty strict and extensive listing process and procedure. Projects listed on Huobi NEXT are often in an early-stage, cutting edge but perhaps a more high-risk project.

Community coin vote on Huobi NEXT

The voting process for the community coin vote will not change. The voting system and the project center will be integrated into the main platform. Every once in a while a new voting round will open and users can vote on their favorite project using Huobi Tokens (HT) to vote. A change that is recently recorded is the fact that voting with Huobi Tokens isn’t 100% free anymore. For an accurate up-to-date overview of the voting terms and conditions, you can click here.

Concluding remarks and my personal opinion

Just yesterday Huobi announced it has launched its own social media platform, Huobi Chat.

Huobi is in the middle of a worldwide expansion and it isn’t slowing down in releasing new products and upgrading current ones. As an EU-citizen, I am personally looking forward to the release of Huobi UK, which is launched as a fiat-to-crypto exchange if the regulation can be approved.

The fact that HADAX is now Huobi NEXT and is integrated into Huobi Global in my opinion is a good thing. It is nice to see all the listed projects on one combined trading platform. You no longer have to toggle between the two exchanges and all major projects as well as lesser-known early stage projects. Huobi Next projects will gain valuable exposure on Huobi Global, the daily trading volume will increase and the total amount of different trading pairs has surged. All these features combined will add value to the Huobi ecosystem.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as investment advice. It is just my personal opinion about digital asset exchange Huobi Global and Huobi NEXT. You should always do your own research. Huobi Global rewards me for writing this article and supports me for ventilating my own personal opinion.

If you do not have a Huobi Global/ NEXT trading account yet, you can use this link to register.

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