🎥 Crypto Assets, want to know the top picks for the month of June, watch Huobi Talk this Thursday.

Huobi Pro is one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges. They are consistently ranked in the top three based on daily trading volume. Huobi Pro and Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX) are subsidiaries of Huobi Global and are based in Singapore. Currently there are more than 100 different trading pairs available on the exchange and they are still expanding.

Huobi Pro hosts a weekly live show on YouTube called Huobi Talk. This Thursday the episode will feature two of Huobi Research members that will be talking about the crypto asset highlights of the month of June.

At the moment of writing this article the total market capitalization of Crypto assets is just over 346,000,000,000 USD. The daily trading volume is around 16,000,000,000 and the Bitcoin dominance is at 37.7%. These market cap and trading volume numbers are significantly lower than during the top trading days we saw in early December and the first few days of January 2018.

Ever since the Bitcoin market refused to make higher lows in the beginning of January we have been in a 5-month bear market. There are some signs the end of the consolidating phase is near. It might be decision time and the direction can go either way. Only time will tell if we continue the down trend or if we brake out and trend upwards.

✅ Digital asset exchange Huobi Pro has been expanding and part of the expansion is launching new products. The first one has recently been announced and it’s the first crypto ETF, the HB10. This financial product is designed to replicate the Huobi 10 index. HB10 can be traded in different trading pairs, it will give users the ability to attain exposure to digital assets and it provides users with a greater diversification because of the combined assets implemented in the HB10.

The subscription for HB10 started on June the 1st and ended prematurely on the 3rd of June, because it had reached it capacity. This first crypto ETF product is in final preparation and will soon start trading on Huobi Pro.

✅ On the 30th of May 2018 cryptocurrency project TRON announced Huobi Pro’s support to the TRON Blockchain upgrade and token migration later in the month of June. TRX’s ERC-20 tokens that are deposited in the Huobi Pro exchange wallet will be automatically swapped for TRON mainnet tokens. Huobi users do not need to take further action. The latest date for the TRX deposits on Huobi to be finalized is the 26th of June UTC +8. After the swap by Huobi Pro users will receive an equivalent amount of tokens in their Huobi, TRX exchange wallets. During the time of the migration from the old chain to the new one trading will not be affected and commence as usual.

✅ Huobi Pro announced the support of the EOS main net launch and token swap.
During the entire process Huobi users that have deposited their EOS tokens in their exchange wallet on Huobi, don’t have to take any alternative actions as the token swap process will be automatically provide by Huobi. After the migration process is complete your EOS ERC-20 tokens will be swapped for EOSIO main net tokens in your Huobi exchange wallet in a 1:1 ratio.

During the entire main net launch process the deposits and withdrawal of EOS tokens are temporarily disabled and will be enabled after the new EOS Blockchain is running smoothly. Trading continues during the entire conversion process and will not be affected.

Huobi also announced it will be supporting all EOSIO airdrops. The first one is EON (eon.org). Whether or not the token will be actually listed on Huobi Pro or HADAX or can be withdrawn from the exchange needs to be researched by the Huobi team.

✅ Huobi Talk, episode 33, on Thursday the 7th of June 2018 12.00pm GMT +8, will be dedicated to the monthly highlights of the crypto asset class.

Two special guests are coming on to the show to talk about the cryptocurrency asset market and they will share their top picks for the month of June:
➡️ Zhaofei Ding: Researcher at the Huobi Academy of Blockchain Application
➡️ Dahzi Guo: Chief Research Fellow at the Huobi Academy of Blockchain Application

During the show viewers can ask questions in the YouTube chat box. This is an interactive way for Huobi to connect with users all over the world and inform them about projects listed on the platform as well. Viewers can also earn an attractive airdrop of Ontology (ONT) tokens.

On this episode there will be an extra incentive, a Huobi representative will ask 5 questions during the show. Viewers can sent in their answers in the comment box. Huobi will randomly pick 10 winners per question and a total of 50 winners will divide a prize pool of 182 Ontology (ONT) tokens. That’s the equivalent of approximately 25$ per winner.

✅ 🍬 How to participate in the Airdrop? 🍬
📝 Sign up for an account at Huobi.pro. If you already have you can skip this step
🔔 Be ready on time to watch the episode of Huobi Talk
🖋 Post a message in the Youtube Live Chat and add the following sentence:
Huobi UID12345678 @ VOTE ON HADAX (insert your own UID you can find it in your account on huobi.pro)

✅ Airdrop 🎁 to viewers
Every week you can participate in the airdrop if you watch the Huobi talk live stream.
The airdrop consists of 3 tiers and is based on the peak number of viewers during the broadcast.
Tier 1 à between 1500–2500 live viewers
Tier 2 à between 2501–3500 live viewers
Tier 3 à more than 3500 live viewers

➡️ Make sure to subscribe to Huobi Pro talk on YouTube and click the notification button to get notified when a new video is online.
➡️ Link to the Huobi Talk LIVE stream http://bit.ly/2IfuGLV
➡️ Huobi Talk every Thursday 12:00 PM GMT +8 (Singapore time), 04:00 AM UTC, 06:00 AM Western Europe Time
➡️ Airdrop winners will be announces on Huobi Pro’s Twitter and Medium.com channel in the following week after the Huobi Talk episode. Mostly on Mondays.

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