📱 An overview of the updated Huobi iOS application for Apple based devices

One-stop solution provider for digital assets, Huobi Global, until recently called, Huobi Pro, has released an updated version of their Huobi iOS trading application this week. You can update or download the new version in the Apple iTunes App store or click this link. The newest edition of the app is 3.4.6. Note that this update only applies to Apple operating system users.

✅ Huobi Global, founded in 2013, is a leading global digital asset service provider that has customers from over 130 different countries who have already traded over 1 Billion USD in digital assets. Huobi Global provides an all day, every day customer service and support solution.

✅ Huobi Global is expanding at a rapid pace. This year, they started launching financial products like Huobi’s index fund, HB10, which was a big success. Huobi set up a 1 Billion USD Global Industry Investment Fund where they invest in various blockchain startup projects.

This year alone Huobi has announced that it will be opening new offices and digital asset exchanges all over the world. Their five-year plan is to open at least branches in 10 different countries all over the world. They are of to a great start already:
➡️ On the 5th of July fiat-to-crypto exchange Huobi Australia has officially launched its trading operations. Australia’s first fully compliant digital asset exchange that allows for fiat-to-crypto trading.
➡️ In May of this year, Huobi Global announced that it is opening an office in Toronto, Canada to expand its operations.
➡️ HBUS has launched its trading operations just two weeks ago. HBUS is an official strategic partner of Huobi, enabling US customers to trade Huobi Global based digital assets.
➡️ The expansion into Europe started with the announcement of opening an office in London around the end of this year. With the opening of the London office, comes a new digital asset trading platform, that will probably be a fiat-to-crypto exchange.

Now let’s go back to the updated version of the Huobi mobile iOS app.

✅ The app contains a lot of new features:
➡️ HB10 is now available
➡️ HB10 swap in and swap out are now available
➡️ The Thai language has been newly added
➡️ The login failure by users from particular geographic locations has been fixed
➡️ An overall optimization of has been completed

To be fully compatible, your device should require a minimum version of iOS 9.0. The languages that are supported by the app are: English, French, German, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

✅ I personally like the fact that HB10 is now available on the mobile app and that the swaps are enabled. HB10 is based on the Huobi 10 crypto index fund, and has launched on the 1st of June. HB10 consists of 10 digital assets that are trading on Huobi Global against USDT and have a high market value and good liquidity. Types and shares of the HB10 component will change each business quarter.

If you want to know how to swap in and out of HB10 you can read this tutorial by Huobi explaining the process.

✅ I you are still trading on the older version of the Huobi iOS app I suggest you update to the newest version so you can enjoy all the new features. You can update or install the new version by clicking on the link below:

Full disclosure: I own Huobi Tokens (HT). This article is not intended as investment advice. It is just my personal opinion about the newly updated Huobi iOS app. You should always do your own research. Huobi Pro incentivizes me for writing this article and supports me for ventilating my own personal opinion.

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