AAX: The Next Generation Digital Asset Exchange

Atom Asset Exchange (AAX), a subsidiary of Atom International Technology Limited, is a 24-hour exchange for digital assets, that aims to improve upon established competitors in the financial service industry. AAXs’ fundament is based on the integration of LSEG Millennium Exchange ™, a product of the London Stock Exchange Technology department. This cloud based-platform offers high-scalability and low latency to ensure a pleasant trading experience for the individual as well as institutional traders/ investors.

AAX’s co-founder and CEO, Thor Chan, on AAX Exchange:
“LSEG Technology’s Millennium Exchange matching engine provides the performance and reliability to power AAX’s 24-hour trading platform all in a cloud-based environment. AAX is setting the standard for the next generation of cryptocurrency exchanges, offering much higher levels of trust, integrity, performance, and security than has previously been available to retail and institutional investors.”

Partner of the London Stock Exchange (LSEG)

As the first member of the London Stock Exchange Partner Program (LPP), AAX is getting a front-row seat to learn how to become a world-class financial service provider. LPP partners are ambitious institutions that receive professional help in launching applications and services for the financial market.

AAX Exchange

AAX officially went live on December 7, offering three trading platforms, namely futures, spot, and OTC trading. Each platform is accessible for trading after login on the homepage, www.aax.com. Current futures contracts can be purchased with USD (BTC, ETH), USDT (BTC) or BTC (EOS, LTC, XRP). On the spot trading account, there are three main markets (BTC, ETH, and USDT), that have over 40 different trading pairs available. On the over-the-counter (OTC) platform, users can buy and sell BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Lagging issues have been a problem in cryptocurrency trading when the demand becomes overwhelming. LSEG Technology’s matching engine gives AAX an advantage over other exchanges, because of it’s low latency, that executes trades within microseconds (transactions executed range from 90–500 microseconds). Low latency is especially beneficial to the futures trading market, where trades need to be executed within the speed of light.

Millennium Exchange is designed to be MiFID II compliant (providing more efficiency and transparency), meaning that it provides a framework for future regulation.

AAX has built in the Financial Information eXchange Protocol (FIX), which allows for the implementation of a series of messaging specifications used in trade communication. FIX also provides Direct Market Access (DMA), which is a must to onboarding institutional clients.

AAB Token

AAX will soon launch its own native exchange token, called AAB. Unlike other types of utility tokens, Exchange tokens have proven to be highly useful in maintaining and growing a digital asset trading platform. Just look at the price trajectory of similar tokens like Huobi Token (HT) OKEx (OKB) as well as Binance Token (BNB). Even in times of cryptocurrency market crisis, these tokens have proven to be able to combat the market and come out on top.

AAB is an integral part of the exchange. It offers ‘digital unami’, meaning it will provide an extra touch, a next-level flavor and overall hard to define dimension. AAB aims to be the bridge between traditional and digital markets, the exchange and its partners, retail and professional traders as well as market makers and takers.

A total of 50,000,000 AAB tokens can be issued, as ERC-20 tokens, minted on the Ethereum blockchain. 1 AAB will be initially worth the equivalent of 1 USDT.

Read more about AAX’s public token sale on: https://aab.aax.com/en/.

From April 14 until after April 16 (depending on the availability of the tokens), AAX launches its public sale of 10,000,000 AAB tokens. The token price runs from $0.50 for the first investors to $1,00. The token sale will be divided into three rounds.

Official channels

AAX official website: www.aax.com

Telegram: https://t.me/aaxcommunity

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/AAXExchange

Sign up for a new account: https://www.aax.com/sign-up

Concluding remarks

AAX is a total package, asset exchange, built upon already proven technology (LSEG Technology), that shares a codebase with the London Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana and Oslo Stock Exchange, with a fiat gateway, utility token and the option of trades futures.

As the platform just recently launched, it is too soon to tell, whether or not it will be a long-term success. I do however believe that the use of the software of an already proven high-volume exchange, can be very beneficial in terms of executing trades during high-throughput episodes, reliance, high-level of trust, integrity, and security.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as investment advice. This article reflects my personal opinion on AAX exchange. You should always do your own research #DYOR before investing in assets that are accessible in an unregulated market. Never invest more than you are willing and able to lose.

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